Who Are We?

The Krijtberg Singel 446

The R.C. Student's Union Thomas of Aquino is lead by a group of young people who met each

other at the church The Krijtberg, in Amsterdam. This is the church of the Saint Franciscus Xaverius,

which is lead by the Jesuits. The church is based in the center of Amsterdam, at the street called Singel, across

the University Library.


The members of the Student Union are students from the University of Amsterdam, Free University

(Vrije Universiteit) and the Business School of Amsterdam. The Governing Board of Thomas

of Aquino is as follows: xx xx is the President, xx xx the Secretary and xx xx the Treasurer.


The Board meets once in fourteen days and most of the members are originally Roman Catholic.

However, young people from other denominations are also member of our Student's Union. If

you have any religious background at all and you are interested in the Catholic (or Christian) faith

than you are most welcome to contact us.


If you would like to join an Holy Eucharistic Celebration to find out more about the Roman Catholic

Faith, please visit the site’s of the following churches in Amsterdam:


www.krijtberg.nl  or  www.amsterdam.onze-lieve-vrouw.nl


You could also send an e-mail to thomasvanaquino@gmail.com to make an appointment

for to celebrate the Holy Mass together with us. Besides, many of our members visit the

Sunday afternoon Mass at 17.15 hours at the Krijtberg.


Luka gives a speech to young people at the Mozes en Aaron Church, for the occasion of the ‘Stille Omgang.

Two Roman Catholic student's pastors are active within our Student's Union.

Tjeerd Jansen S.J. (rector of the Krijtberg)

Tjeerd Jansen S.J. 


And Christian van der Ploeg (rector van de O.L.V. at the Keizersgracht.):

                                            Christian van der Ploeg                                            O.L.V Keizersgracht 220


Interior of the Krijtberg

From September 2007 on there will be new readings in the presbytery of the Krijtberg.

Please look for more information about the readings and other activities at the link ‘agenda’.